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Unit 7 Saving Energy: Language Focus

Hướng dẫn các bạn giải bài tập tiếng anh unit 7 lop 9 saving energy language focus trang 63. Complete the sentence. Use the correct connectives. Complete the sentences. Use the right tense form of the phrasal verbs in the box and the pictures.



o Connectives : and, but, because, or, so, therefore, however.

o Phrasal verbs : turn off, turn on, look for, look after, go on

o Making suggestions : suggest + verb - ing, suggest (that) + s + should

1. Complete the sentence. Use the correct connectives.

(Hoàn thành những câu sau. Dùng những từ nối thích hợp)

a) Mrs. Quyen bought corn, potatoes and cabbages at the market, (and / or)

b) I'd love to play volleyball but I have to complete an assignment, (and, but)

c) Nam got wet because he forgot his umbrella, (so/because)

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Một giáo viên tốt hữu dụng hơn cả trăm thầy tu.
One good schoolmaster is of more use than a hundred priests.
Thomas Paine
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