Test Yourself A English 11

Hướng dẫn các bạn làm bài Test Yourself A English 11 trang 42 trong SGK. Because they had been childless for 10 year after they were married. Because he was interested in the toys.


Units 1-3

I. Listening (Nghe)

* Nghe và điền từ để hoàn tất câu.


1. A        2. D        3. B        4. A        5. c


I’ve known James for 25 years. We first met when he moved to my town. He went to a different school but we became friends because he lived next door to me. We’ve known each other since then, but we haven’t kept in touch all that time... we lost contact with each other when I moved to Scotland in the 1970s for my job... I didn’t go to James’ wedding but he came to mine... And now? Well, I’ve been living here in Brighton since 99, and these days I see James about once a week, usually in the park where I walk my dog, or in the pub for lunch with another friends that we’ve known for about the same length of time. We haven’t been doing that for very long but it’s good to get all of US together.


II. Reading (Đọc)

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